What Can Randy Dorman and Scenic Ridge Studios Do For You?

From recording the first note, to adding the final touches to your project,  I can guide you through each step of bringing your musical dreams to reality. Even if you’ve never done any professional recording before, I am here to help.

Each project is different, so it all starts with an email or phone call. Then I’ll have a pre-production meeting to discuss the purpose of the recording (pitching, reference, promo release, etc) and your artistic direction to help you determine your goals and select the best team of professionals, be it the Kenny Rogers Band or other musicians of your choice to fit your project and your budget. I work with most all of them.

Best of all, you keep all the rights and ownership of your songs. 100%.

So email or call me 615.405.7829 to decide if Scenic Ridge Studios is the right fit for you.

I want to be part your musical journey!


Artist Development: I can help you with

Image Consulting, Photography, Album Design, Licensing and Publishing,

All can be customized to meet your budget.


Full Production: “Radio Ready” Masters

From concept to completion. I will coordinate the whole project with you. Which includes producing, hiring the musicians and background singers, scheduling the studio time, CD manufacturing, I handle it all so you don’t have to concern yourself with anything.


Singer/Songwriter: Demos for pitching songs

Whether it’s a guitar vocal or full production, I can meet your needs.

My approach to a demo production is the same way I produce a master recording.

Sometimes you just need a basic recording of your song without all the bells and whistles.


Use of the Kenny Rogers’ Band: as well as other world class musicians

You have the option of using “Kenny’s” band or any musician in the

industry, I work with most all of them.


Karaoke Tracks: for showing your vocal abilities

I can help you find the proper tracks in your key ( if available). Download and prepare the

tracks for your vocal for a minimal cost. Record your vocal and then mix

and master your track/vocal that you can share with others.


Mixing / Mastering: the end results of how others will hear your songs

Even if you recorded some songs at a different studio I can take your existing

tracks and do the final mix and master. “Radio ready”


Overdubbing / Sweetening: adding the final touches to your song

Bring me your tracks and I can add additional instruments / vocals / strings etc

to your songs.


Your Album Cover: is the first impression people have of your music

It’s important to have album art that looks as good as your music sounds. I have the capabilities to give you stunning end results. By working with professional designers you can be sure you’ll get the results you’ll be proud of.

Here are some of the works recorded and / or produced by Randy Dorman at Scenic Ridge Records