I’ve been in the industry nearly 50 years, 39 of which has been with Kenny Rogers. Who said I couldn’t hold a job? 🙂

Within the first year of joining Kenny I knew I also wanted a creative outlet of my own which started my “recording endeavors.” I currently have six CDs that I’ve written and produced on myself. I have recorded with Kenny Rogers, Billy Dean, Linda Davis and the list goes on… Let me add YOUR NAME to the list!

Composer & Arranger

As a composer and arranger I can help you write the music for your melody and/or lyrics. I’ll work with you to give your song life, so you will end up with the results that you’ve always heard in your head.

If you have a completed song I can help you find the musicians that are perfect for your song in any style you write in… be it Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Rock,  Country or Jazz and everything in between.


I’ve had the good fortune of producing Singer/Songwriters, Artists, and Independent Artists. As you would expect I’ve had Kenny Rogers in my studio. I arranged and produced Billy Dean’s Christmas Album “Tis The Season”. I’ve produced three cd’s on Lucas Ciliberti a young artist that is up and coming. It’s my job as the producer to coordinate all the musicians and guide them to the end results that your song deserves. who knows your song could be the next big hit.


This is where the fun begins, after we have the arrangement solidified and the charts written we get to go into the studio and begin the process of recording your song. I use SAWStudio, a PC based DAW (digital audio workstation) system. With 120 mono or stereo playback tracks, 24 stereo or 48 mono recording tracks, 8 layers deep on each track… I can take your song to a full blown masterpiece. As your engineer, I will take care of everything necessary to get your song to a “radio ready” finished master for release.

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Scenic Ridge Records & Studio

Scenic Ridge RecordsScenic Ridge Records & Studio’s provide a carefree, creative, non- pressured atmosphere, giving both the “Artist” and musicians the ability to share their musical input while recording the songs. My job as the producer is to maintain control of the final goal and direction of the overall project without stifling creativity.

By removing the “clock” factor at Scenic Ridge and charging a flat rate per song not an hourly rate for the studio time, a whole new sense of relaxation for the “Artist” is opened up. If you aren’t under the pressure of “this is costing me $150.00 per hour,” or “we’ve got to get this done” feeling, it is easy to see how the creative side of a project can quickly flourish. Not to mention the “Catering” by my mom and lovely wife Annie.

Keeping the above in mind, Scenic Ridge is not only able to offer a phenomenal end product, but at the same time offer the Artist/Record Label unprecedented savings. The same project under a “Major Record Deal” would cost twice and in some cases three times as much or more. This is tremendously beneficial to new and Indy artists.

Scenic Ridge Records & Studios: A relaxed atmosphere, where “World Class” musicians, photographer, graphic artist and CD production are hand picked for each project based upon their gifted talents.

“Half the price… at twice the value”.

Here are some of the works recorded and / or produced by Randy Dorman at Scenic Ridge Records